Meet the teams!

We wanted to make the Westpark PiWars effort a learning experience and a way for Dads & their sons (and nephews!) to learn something together. So let’s meet the various family groups making up the overall Westpark Club team, plus the one returning team member from our previous PiWars entry.

The Vazquez Family

Antonio “Tony” Vazquez and his son AV are the drivers of the Westpark team. Tony has pulled together most of the kit we’re going to be using and has prototyped our robot and is planning out how we’re going to address the different challenges.

The Carames Family

Enrique Carames and his sons AC and EC took part in a short series of workshops we ran last year at the club, and are adding to their basic understanding of the CamJam Edukit robot which they built then to work out how to address the challenges in this year’s PiWars. (And yes, they are twins; and yes, I do have to ask which is which every time!)

The Sawa / Khadouri Family

Matthew Sawa and his son DS and his nephew AK are beginners at the robot game but are keen to contribute to the Westpark team, even if they’re starting from Level 0. They’ve been building a CamJam robot — and the moment when they got it to run across the floor was a great achievement.

The Engineer

“The Engineer” was part of our previous PiWars team and is now doing GCSE Computing. I don’t have a current picture of him yet but here’s one from a year or so ago when we were building a RPi-based rotating turntable (also pictured) at which you could fire nerf darts.