The start of the road

When we were planning our PiWars entry for 2018, we decided to offer ourselves the extra challenge of starting late with a relatively inexperienced team! (All right,  we didn’t; but that’s what happened anyway!) But we’re definitely up for the challenge: we’ll do what we can do in the time we have and we’ll turn up on th day ready for anything.

Since we’re a club for youngsters, PiWars has been for us an opportunity to teach and learn. And this time we’re trying to run it as a chance for fathers and sons to do something together. I’ll ask the participants to introduce themselves in a later post, but we currently have two families participating and we hope to have a couple more. Plus the two club leaders.

The blog header shows a shot of last term’s robotics workshop where you can see some of the dads and lads who make up the PiWars team this term. And here’s a quick shot of yesterday’s planning session, with an early look at our prototype robot.

We’ve got a lot to do, and we’ll be telling you all about it as we do!